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Austin insiders and lobbyists have targeted Jonathan Stickland, one of Texas’ top conservative lawmakers.

Today, July 29th Texans have an opportunity to stand up against Austin-based power brokers by having every dollar they donate up to $75,000, DOUBLED.

Jonathan Stickland's proven conservative record:

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Why conservatives stand with Jonathan Stickland:

Jonathan Stickland: fighting for YOUR liberty


1. Leading the nation on the right to privacy

“Darned if the new guy from Bedford didn’t accomplish something of national importance in privacy law during his first term as a state representative......... As is the way of life for legislative freshmen, Stickland was relegated by many senior members to “seen but not heard” status. Still, he vowed to compile the most conservative voting record of anyone in the House — and he might have achieved that distinction or something close to it.” Star-Telegram

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2. Voting “No” on a bloated budget

The document to the left was the budget the House passed. The document to the right was the additional spending items a committee of 10 wanted State Representatives to rubber stamp. This document was given to Representatives with less than 24 hours to review before they voted........ Jonathan Stickland voted “no” on a budget that grew government and failed to deliver enough money back to taxpayer pockets.

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special privelage for legislators

3. Fighting preferential treatment of legislators

“When the bill came up in the Texas Senate, lawmakers added themselves to those exempted from the restrictions and sent it back to the House for final passage. Conservative Republicans became enraged. ‘My constituents are sick and tired of politicians passing laws that exempt themselves from following the law. We are putting ourselves on an un-level playing field. Do you not know a moral problem with that?’ Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, shouted at the House chamber.” - Fox News

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4. Fighting Obama and defending religious liberty

Jonathan introduced House Bill 649 to protect Hobby Lobby and other religiously-based businesses which are under attack from the Obama Administration. Obama is trying to force business owners to pay for abortion-inducing drugs that go against their religious convictions. Jonathan said “Not in Texas”.

TODAY, July 29th is YOUR chance to stand
with Jonathan to defend Texas Liberty.


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A moneybomb is where ordinary citizens join together to donate to a candidate on one particular day. This is usually done to prove a point to the political insiders that regular voters do have a voice worth listening to.