Defend Texas Liberty

Austin insiders and lobbyists have targeted Jonathan Stickland, one of Texas’ top conservative lawmakers.

On August 14th Texans have an opportunity to stand up against Austin establishment by having every dollar they donate up to $50,000, TRIPLED.

Jonathan Stickland's proven conservative record:

#1 most conservative
Your fellow Texans
have already donated:

"Republican Jonathan Stickland of Bedford - in dramatically sharp contrast - will be the all-time most controversial choice for the best session list without the slightest shadow of doubt. But Stickland - a tea party renegade who's either hated or loved in the eyes of GOP colleagues - stood out more than any legislator on either chamber ever has in the state's illustrious past." - Capitol Inside

August 14th is YOUR chance to stand
with Jonathan to defend Texas Liberty.


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A moneybomb is where ordinary citizens join together to donate to a candidate on one particular day. This is usually done to prove a point to the political insiders that regular voters do have a voice worth listening to.